Hi there! I'm Sarah Peel.

At 45 I was officially in menopause, which is earlier than most women. I knew it was coming and had already been on a fertility health journey for 10 years. This included going “all natural” with my beauty and personal care products. 

Running parallel to this journey, I’ve always been interested in sustainability and botanical knowledge, including the healing properties of plants. I even worked for two years for a botanical skin care maker. We compounded all the formulas in-house and sold raw ingredients for DIYers. This is where I learned the trade of making, merchandizing and retailing all-natural personal care products.

One day, after listening to my fave podcast on menopause, I decided to make a healing and moisturizing formula for myself that would be easy to apply. I was incredibly happy with the increased comfort. . .  and the side benefits as well;)

Fast forward to November 2022 when I realized that there was a real need to share my formula with other women. With humour and love, Happy Kitty, the brand was born!

I hope it changes your life. We have so much more to live! Let's be comfortable and feeling good in our bodies while we do!